Keeping it Retro: Classic Car Show and Antique Swap Meet


Calling all car lovers! The city of Pomona will hold one of the biggest West Coast classic car shows on Sunday, Dec. 4. The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show has been a tradition since 1975 – since then, millions of admirers from around the world have shared their love for Volkswagen, Street Rods, Porsche, and Corvette.


A couple of Chevrolet beauties charming the crowd

Thousands of spectators and collectors will gather at the Pomona Fairplex to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and to find the best deals for car parts, antiques and other rare items.

Be sure to plan your day accordingly because the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is a one-day event from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Price for general admission is $10 and children under 12 years old get in for free.


Matching outfits with my dream car

You might find me there trying to steal my dream car, a 1977 Coca-Cola themed Volkswagen Beetle – just kidding.

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Your West Coast Sister


An Evening Spent with Two Hollywood Legends


Art done by Bianca Ornelas

There are many reasons why I love Southern California, especially Los Angeles and Hollywood. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a little obsessed with retro culture. I am willing to admit that I am completely obsessed with Old Hollywood and its history. It’s a wonderful coincidence that I am who I am and that I can always feed my obsession by going into the city and absorb what she has to give.


Mel Brooks presents the sold out double feature event.

There are always events constantly happening all over the greater Los Angeles area. Recently, I attended one of these events and it was an incredible experience.

At the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, American Cinematheque decided to host two 1974 Gene Wilder movies, in honor of his passing earlier this year, Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. The double feature films were both directed by Wilder’s good friend, Mel Brooks– who also made an appearance to briefly talk about the films and his relationship with Wilder.
Once Brooks slowly made his way on stage, the audience gave him a standing ovation.

“I’m an old man so be patient with me. I am so happy to be here with all of you wonderful people.”

Standing strong at 90 years old, Brooks witty humor made the evening worthwhile. He shared stories about his and Wilder’s friendship and their collaborative masterpiece, Young Frankenstein.
Wilder maybe known as Willy Wonka, the colorful candyman who dedicated his life into creating the world’s greatest chocolate factory, but it was Young Frankenstein that allowed Wilder’s comedic genius to shine.


An older Mel Brooks dominates the stage with his humor.

Brooks explained that it was Wilder who had the idea of the horror parody film and approached him during the filming of Blazing Saddles. Brooks jokes about how Wilder felt a little insecure about his writing skills.

“Gene said, ‘It’s only a great idea if you help me write it,’ and I did. He was too stupid to write it”.



The second film for that night was Blazing Saddles – which I believe is possibly one of the greatest comedic movies ever made. It’s satire at its finest by being a dynamite parody of spaghetti westerns and tackling the subject of racism. Blazing Saddles has so many great one-liners that anyone can quote it for ages.



Sitting in the retro Aero Theater and watching these older films made me wonder if we were reliving those nights when both films were shown for the first time in 1974.
The audience- including myself- had laughed so hard at the old jokes yet watching Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles on the big screen, almost felt as if we were back in time.

Before Brooks left us to enjoy his masterpieces, he wanted to thank his fans and the theater for keeping his films and Gene Wilder’s memory alive.

“Im so grateful to them (American Cinematheque) because they keep picking on my movies to show, which shows ‘em that they have good taste.”

To find out what other movies are playing at the Aero and Egyptian Theater, click here.

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A Taste of Old Seattle


Seattle is known for its coffee and eccentric characters- It’s a charming city that sleeps under a blanket of dark clouds.

The few things that stood out to me most of the gloomy city, were its neon lights, mid century modern décor and historical buildings.


Vintage signs hang in the Market Place

The last time I travelled to Seattle, I stayed in the historical Moore Hotel. The vibe of The Moore is almost similar to The Shining but don’t worry, the staff is very welcoming. Established in 1907, The Moore Hotel is in the heart of Seattle and is also two blocks away from Pike Place Fish Market. The vintage neon signs that hang in the Market Place are ones that no one should miss.

If you’re feeling thirsty, The Virginia Inn is a great spot to quench your thirst- it’s been around since 1903 and is considered one of the oldest pubs in the city.



Mid-Century Modern at its finest in the Space Needle

Another popular spot is checking out the breathtaking view of the city’s skyline from the top of the Space Needle. You can admire the Space Needle’s mid century modern atmosphere. Southern California is my one true love but Seattle. . . has charmed me over.

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Artist Spotlight: The Boldness of Howlin’ Wolf


Karlos sitting in his creative space


As the rhythmic beat of Johnny Cash’s “Home of the Blues” plays loudly in the background, Karlos Aguilar -better known as Howlin’ Wolf– sits in his shop that is decorated by his paintings and discusses his love for art, family, and vintage things.

One of his favorites


Billie was 5 years old when she tattooed her father

From his rough hands to his neck, countless tattoos decorate the skin of Aguilar’s body and has confessed that his favorite designs are those that were tattooed by his two younger daughters, Valerie and Billie… Already, these two girls will always be cooler than me.

Aguilar has established himself as renowned fine and tattoo artist. Going by the name of Howlin’ Wolf, Aguilar has about 28 thousand followers on Instagram and even more fans around the globe. At first glance of Aguilar’s artwork, many would mistake his style for traditional American tattoo designs.“I really don’t call it traditional work. I don’t think it is, you know? But it’s full on inspired by traditional work, paintings from the 30’s and 40s.” In fact, Aguilar has noted that Sailor Jerry and Bert Grimm are some of his main influences. Unlike traditional designs, Aguilar claims that his work needs to be proportional.

Smells like coffee


To get more of an aged look, Aguilar stains his paintings with coffee

“I can do an actual traditional piece but I just can’t get myself to make it crooked and off. It’s just not in me to do that. . . With traditional it doesn’t matter, it is what it is.” Thus, Aguilar creates semi-realistic paintings decorated with bold lines and vibrant colors.

When asked about why he loves vintage things, Aguilar was at a loss of words.
“I don’t know what it is about that old stuff . . . clothes, everything, it has character,”.
Besides living in a Craftsman home and driving around an old ford’s van and a Triumph motorcycle, Aguilar has mentioned that his wife Marina and daughter Valerie share the same obsession- the youngest Billie, not so much. When Valerie isn’t studying to become an aerospace engineer at Cal Poly Pomona, she and her father work on her triumph motorcycle. Aguilar glows with pride when talking about Valerie’s grand fascination with motorcycles, especially about her bike.“She painted it, sanded it, grinded it, I’m just giving her pointers. Took her months to settle on a color that she likes”-a lovely metallic ocean blue.

Recently, Aguilar teamed up with his friend Yuri, from @mischief_made_me to create shirts. Howlin’ Wolf’s designs are bold and colorful, just like his personality- you can see what other vintage designs are available on Mischief_made_me website.

Boldness and honesty are admirable traits that come second nature to Aguilar. Whether it is critiquing artwork or making masterpieces for himself, Aguilar is unapologetic in what he does. You can follow Howlin’ Wolf on Instagram to stay updated with his artwork and other projects.

More about Howlin’ Wolf

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Celebrate Halloween with Quentin Tarantino

October is a time where gore and ghouls are celebrated.



Ever since I was a child, the horrific elements of Halloween have always intrigued me, for example, my fascination with zombies started when I was 3 years old after watching Michael Jackson’s music video of “Thriller”.

For years, I have been honoring the spooky holiday by binge watching The Walking Dead, cheesy slasher films, attending ghost tours and haunted mazes. October is an exciting time for Los Angeles because the entire city is counting down the days until Halloween.

If you don’t know what you want to do for the following days leading up to the spooky holiday, check out these two places that are showing movies that will definitely make your skin crawl.
Celebrate one of the greatest holidays with hundreds of souls at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery hosted by Cinespia


Photo by Tyler Merbler via Flickr

Scare yourself by watching double feature horror films at Quentin Tarantino’s movie palace, The New Beverly Cinema.

Lets celebrate the horror that makes Halloween great by attending one of these movie showings.
With love and respect,

Your West Coast Sister

New Music, Retro Sound

I believe that music is a universal language and that everyone can relate to certain songs. The songs that I am attracted to are mostly those that have been created long ago. Recently, I have noticed current musicians who have been creating retro sounding music. Here are some of my favorite musicians that have that vintage vibe.


Leon Bridges

From the city of Fort Worth, Texas, Leon Bridges is a young man with an old soul. Before taking on a successful international tour, Bridges waited tables and attended open mic nights. With a voice like velvet, Bridges embodies the soul of gospel, doo wop, and early R&B music. Also, with dashing sense of style, Bridges charms the music world one person at a time. His rhythm, voice, clothing and talent make him incredibly irresistible. Bridges is definitely one of my favorite musical artists. “Magic” would be the perfect word to describe Bridges.
Songs to listen too:

  • Coming home
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Feeling a little emotional? Watch the music video to “River
  • Here in My Arms


Nick Waterhouse

Distinct horns rhythmically beating in the background while backup singers harmonize to produce an epic and upbeat song; this is the type of music Nick Waterhouse creates. Originally from Los Angeles, Waterhouse spent time in San Francisco hanging around the vinyl scene and creating music. Waterhouse’s inspirations for his music are rooted to John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison. With his music, Waterhouse’s voice is commanding and works perfectly with the groovy organ in some of his songs. He oozes with mid century soul music and lifestyle. Also, he looks like a modern Buddy Holly, which is adorable.

Songs to listen too:

  • This is a Game
  • Katchi (feat. Leon Bridges)
  • Tracy
  • Time’s All Gone Pt. 1


Andra Day

This soulful songbird echo’s a type of rhythm from the past, yet Andra Day’s voice rises above adding a contemporary soulful twist. Day is a musician with a haunting and powerful voice. Current musicians that I would compare Day to would be Adele and Amy Winehouse. Day’s music style is more modern but the heavy influence of Etta James and Nina Simone are undeniable. This San Diego native has won me over with her voice and incredible fashion sense.

Songs to listen too:

  • Forever Mine
  • Gold
  • Only Love
  • Andra Day’s rendition of Ray Charles song, ”Drowning in my tears


California Feetwarmers

Looking for more of an upbeat band? Look no further, this Dixieland jazz band is the perfect band to listen too. California Feetwarmers will cause you to jump out of your seat and start dancing. They are New Orleans Jazz and ragtime music at its finest. In 2015, they were nominated for a grammy in the Best American Roots Performance category, with their collaboration with Keb’ Mo’. You can catch these Angelino natives on Thursdays at The Bungalow in Huntington Beach.

Songs to listen too:

  • Old Me Better (feat. Keb’ Mo’)
  • San
  • Oozlin Stomp
  • Golden Gate

Hope you’ll enjoy the music. Until next time.
With love and respect,

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