Celebrate Halloween with Quentin Tarantino

October is a time where gore and ghouls are celebrated.


via Tenor.co

Ever since I was a child, the horrific elements of Halloween have always intrigued me, for example, my fascination with zombies started when I was 3 years old after watching Michael Jackson’s music video of “Thriller”.

For years, I have been honoring the spooky holiday by binge watching The Walking Dead, cheesy slasher films, attending ghost tours and haunted mazes. October is an exciting time for Los Angeles because the entire city is counting down the days until Halloween.

If you don’t know what you want to do for the following days leading up to the spooky holiday, check out these two places that are showing movies that will definitely make your skin crawl.
Celebrate one of the greatest holidays with hundreds of souls at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery hosted by Cinespia


Photo by Tyler Merbler via Flickr

Scare yourself by watching double feature horror films at Quentin Tarantino’s movie palace, The New Beverly Cinema.

Lets celebrate the horror that makes Halloween great by attending one of these movie showings.
With love and respect,

Your West Coast Sister


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