New Music, Retro Sound

I believe that music is a universal language and that everyone can relate to certain songs. The songs that I am attracted to are mostly those that have been created long ago. Recently, I have noticed current musicians who have been creating retro sounding music. Here are some of my favorite musicians that have that vintage vibe.


Leon Bridges

From the city of Fort Worth, Texas, Leon Bridges is a young man with an old soul. Before taking on a successful international tour, Bridges waited tables and attended open mic nights. With a voice like velvet, Bridges embodies the soul of gospel, doo wop, and early R&B music. Also, with dashing sense of style, Bridges charms the music world one person at a time. His rhythm, voice, clothing and talent make him incredibly irresistible. Bridges is definitely one of my favorite musical artists. “Magic” would be the perfect word to describe Bridges.
Songs to listen too:

  • Coming home
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Feeling a little emotional? Watch the music video to “River
  • Here in My Arms


Nick Waterhouse

Distinct horns rhythmically beating in the background while backup singers harmonize to produce an epic and upbeat song; this is the type of music Nick Waterhouse creates. Originally from Los Angeles, Waterhouse spent time in San Francisco hanging around the vinyl scene and creating music. Waterhouse’s inspirations for his music are rooted to John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison. With his music, Waterhouse’s voice is commanding and works perfectly with the groovy organ in some of his songs. He oozes with mid century soul music and lifestyle. Also, he looks like a modern Buddy Holly, which is adorable.

Songs to listen too:

  • This is a Game
  • Katchi (feat. Leon Bridges)
  • Tracy
  • Time’s All Gone Pt. 1


Andra Day

This soulful songbird echo’s a type of rhythm from the past, yet Andra Day’s voice rises above adding a contemporary soulful twist. Day is a musician with a haunting and powerful voice. Current musicians that I would compare Day to would be Adele and Amy Winehouse. Day’s music style is more modern but the heavy influence of Etta James and Nina Simone are undeniable. This San Diego native has won me over with her voice and incredible fashion sense.

Songs to listen too:

  • Forever Mine
  • Gold
  • Only Love
  • Andra Day’s rendition of Ray Charles song, ”Drowning in my tears


California Feetwarmers

Looking for more of an upbeat band? Look no further, this Dixieland jazz band is the perfect band to listen too. California Feetwarmers will cause you to jump out of your seat and start dancing. They are New Orleans Jazz and ragtime music at its finest. In 2015, they were nominated for a grammy in the Best American Roots Performance category, with their collaboration with Keb’ Mo’. You can catch these Angelino natives on Thursdays at The Bungalow in Huntington Beach.

Songs to listen too:

  • Old Me Better (feat. Keb’ Mo’)
  • San
  • Oozlin Stomp
  • Golden Gate

Hope you’ll enjoy the music. Until next time.
With love and respect,

Your West Coast Sister


2 thoughts on “New Music, Retro Sound

  1. wow this is so SICK, i felt like i was introduced to the great music of an underground sound. idk if that made sense but i really loved this


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